Science meets Journalism workshop

Science meets Journalism workshop

At the convergence of journalism and science lies the opportunity to revolutionise communication on artificial intelligence and other relevant topics. At a workshop on 18 January 2024, Bayerischer Rundfunk and the Technical University of Munich, together with representatives from media and other universities, met to explore the synergies between these two fields. The purpose? To present AI projects, models and methodologies adapted to journalistic use cases, in order to raise the quality and impact of information on the development of artificial intelligence and science.

Details of the Event:

In the midst of this collaborative effort, the Visual Climate Project has emerged as a partner, offering insights into the field of climate change imagery. Leveraging computational approaches and interdisciplinary expertise, our project seeks to decipher the language of visual narratives around climate change on social media platforms such as Twitter. Our participation in the workshop underlined our commitment to bridging the gap between scientific research and journalistic narratives.

During the workshop, we presented our innovative methodologies and preliminary findings, highlighting the complex relationship between climate change imagery and public perception. Through our computational analysis of millions of images and tweets shared on Twitter, we offered insight into the dynamics of climate change discourse in the digital age.

Equipped with the knowledge gained from this collaborative effort, we are ready to embark on new avenues of research and collaboration. Our commitment to unravelling the complexities of climate change communication remains strong, and we look forward to continued collaboration and cooperation with Bayerischer Rundfunk, the Technical University of Munich and other partners.